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Journeyman Distillery is an Organic Spirits Distillery, located in the EK Warren historic featherbone factory, in Three Oaks, Michigan. We invite you to explore throughout the historic building and take a look through our gallery windows which let you view the distillation process as it happens. The original maple factory floors are still in place from the 1800′s. We’re using wood from the owner’s family barn in central Indiana; wood that was once the flooring for an early 1900s schoolhouse. We have an original concrete bar made in Grand Rapids, with coordinates etched into the side—to mark this historic and unique location.

Everything about Journeyman Distillery is handcrafted. We offer artisan spirits with a focus on whiskey. While whiskey is what we originally fell in love with, we also offer a variety of quality organic spirits such as vodka, gin, and rum. We distill, bottle, label, and package each spirit here at the distillery. Our products come from the simplest, purest ingredients on earth. The Distillery is certified organic by the Midwest Organic Services Association. We use organic grain that is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, artificial pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, feed additives, or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

Bottling our product is a major part of the spirit’s journey here at the Distillery. Often we invite enthusiasts of craft spirits to join our production staff for an afternoon to help with this process. The bottling starts when our distilling and aging process has ended. The first stage is to use our four prong bottle system to transfer the spirits from the carboy, where the spirit was stored or relocated to from our oak barrels, into 750ml glass bottles. Each bottle is then hand corked and taped around the seal of the cork. The taping process is used, because each bottle is then hand dipped in wax. The tape ensures our consumers will be able to easily break the wax seal on all of our bottled spirits. After the wax has had time to dry the bottle is passed on to be labeled. Each bottle is labeled, on the front and back of the bottle, with a unique custom design for each different spirit. The back of the bottle will then be marked with the distilled batch number and the number of the bottle from that batch. The final stage in the process is to package the bottles. Each bottle is put into six pack boxes. The boxes are then sealed with a custom marked Journeyman Distillery box tape. After the boxes are sealed they are marked, by hand using a sharpie marker, with the product that has been packaged inside. Once marked each box is put onto a pallet that is filled and then wrapped with saran wrap ready to be distributed

If you would like to become part of the Journeyman Distillery production staff for a day, please visit the Journeyman Distillery website and sign-up.  It’s a fun way to meet the distiller and have hands on experience with our grain to glass production. We appreciate the support and hope to bottle with you soon.