Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin           0,7L 43%

Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin ist ein echter und absolut einzigartiger indischer Gin mit Wacholder aus dem Himalaya und original indischen Botanicals. Der Name „Hapusa“ stammt aus dem Sanskrit, wo er „Wacholder“ bedeutet, und steht für die wilden und ungezähmten Aromen des Wacholders nahe der Schneegrenze des Himalayas. Die Botanicals aus allen Teilen des Landes schicken den Genießer auf eine Aromen-Reise - von den Kiefernwäldern des Himalayas, vorbei am Ufer des Hooghly-Flusses, durch die Monsun-Wälder von Tamil Nadu bis hin zu den üppigen Gewürz-Farmen Goas. Die ungewöhnlichen Botanicals wie Kurkuma, Mango und Gondhoraj machen diesen Gin absolut einmalig. Er duftet an der Nase herrlich nach Kiefernwald und Wildblumen, am Gaumen verführt er mit erdigen Noten und einem unglaublich langen, leicht rauchigen Nachklang. Ein wunderbarer Sipping Gin, doch auch im Cocktail, als Gin & Tonic oder mit Tonic und kaltgebrautem Kaffee ein Genuss.

Introducing the World’s first Himalayan Dry Gin

Distilled in India with foraged Himalayan Juniper and locally sourced botanicals, HAPUSA is a gin that is uniquely Indian.

In Sanskrit, Juniper is called ‘Hapusa’, and it is this which gives our Gin not only its name but its untamed aroma and flavor. Found near the snow line in the Himalayas, this elusive Juniper Berry provides a beautiful structure around which the rest of our botanicals are purposefully arranged.

These botanicals come from all across the country to bring together its varied flavours, cuisines and cultures to make this a real journey in a glass. From the Pine forests in the Himalayas, your taste buds venture along the banks of the Hooghly River, through the monsoon forests of Tamil Nadu and finally end their journey in the lush spice farms of Goa.

Hapusa is a sipping Gin in that it can be enjoyed all by itself or over ice. The inclusion of Turmeric and Mango make this one of the very few savory gins found today. The distillers, Anand Virmani and Jay Dhawan highly recommend Hapusa in a Dry Martini or with ice and tonic topped with 15ml of dark-roast cold brew coffee.


Juniper, Coriander Seeds, Turmeric, Mango, Ginger, Cardamom, Almond, Gondhoraj

Tasting Notes:

Pine forest and wildflowers on the nose with a bold earthiness on the palate and a long, delicately smoked, finish.

Launched in India and Singapore in June 2018. Available soon in Norway, Mainland Europe, Hong Kong and Thailand.

About Nao Spirits

Nao Spirits is an independent start-up company that aims to create craft spirits from India – for India and the rest of the world. The company launched its London Dry Gin in September 2017 which shall be followed by a contemporary gin to be launched in 2018.